The founder has been researching process control and automation and developing control theories and industrial automation software since 1992.

TBB is founded to contribute to automation industries and academia through commercializing the research experiences and results

TBB develops and provides various automation systems including hardware and software modules for process automation.


  • PROMONICON software for process control, monitoring and diagonosis

    • Process controllers such as PID, autotuner, APC, batch and run-to-run controller

    • Control performance monitoring

    • On-line process optimization

    • Complicated user's logic implementation using script programming

    • Automatic report generation in the from of Excel

    • Easy GUIs for data storage, real-time process diagrams and graphs

    • Compatible with various PLC, DCS and SCADA systems

  • Data acquisition board for serial communication, analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output

  • Sensing module for measuring temperature, weight, power etc.

  • Actuator modules for regulating power, flowrate, pressure

  • High throughput screening system for catalyst screening and preparation

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