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이미지 제공: Jason Leung

We provided a system integration solution for a polymer production plant (having 20+ batch reactors), which produces various polymers of 100+ recipes. 

The key factors for successful automation of the multi-recipes polymer production process are:

  • Precise and fully-automated weighing of the raw materials 

  • Precise control for the reaction temperature, feeding rates, etc.

  • Sequence control for the automatic operation and control of the plant

To meet these requirements, we conducted,

Instruments Design

  • Integrating thousands of sensor and actuators into PLC and HMI through RS485 and Ethernet communications

  • Designing a redundancy system for safety

  • Optimizing communications with PLC, sensors, and actuators. About 3,000 I/O points can be processed within 1 sec. 

  • Software skills to overcome hardware limitations (low resolution, stiction, hysteresis, high cost)

Designing and implementation of operation and control logics (through PROMONICON)

  • Feedback/feedfoward controllers for accurate/precise control of the reactor temperature, the feeding rates of monomers/catalysts

  • Sequence control to realize the complex operations and controls 

  • HMI for easy monitoring, operation, data storage, etc

  • Automatic importing 100+ recipes and fully-automated weighing

Design PLC logics for safety and high-speed data processing


  • Almost 100% automatic operation with high-performance control to manipulate 100+ recipes, which is not possible with manual operation

  • Mass production with operating 20+ reactors (10 ton capacity) simultaneously by only two operators in the control room

  • Producing 100+ types of polymer products with the automatic weighing system, followed by the automated polymer reactor system

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