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TBB Valve 

High-performance Control Valve 

추상적 인 배경

High-Performance Control Valve

high resolution, low hysteresis, fast response,

high accuracy

Wide Temperature Coverage


Easy & Simple Networking

via Modbus RTU protocol

Low-Cost & Fast Delivery

$500* within 2~4 weeks (*1/4" control valve)

High Performance Control Valve

high resolution, low hysteresis, fast response, high accuracy

High resolution under 0.01°

Easy and Simple Networking

With TBB valves, configuring valve networks becomes easy and straightforward. 
One PLC or one PC can communicate with multiple valves via the Modbus RTU protocol. 



  • SV (current angle set value (degree) or current opening (%))

  • PV (current angle measured (degree) or current opening (%))

  • Valve address (integer)


  • SV (angle set value (degree) or opening (%))

  • Valve address (integer)

Modbus Address List for TBB Valve


Wide Temperature Coverage

TBB valve covers a wide temperature range,
usable in various environments from -30°C to 300°C. 


Low Cost & Fast Delivery

Much lower cost than other control valves $500 for a 1/4"-tube valve

Fast delivery within 2~4 weeks 

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